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Aike is an international property advisor, which provides our clients with comprehensive real estate management, investment and international relocation expertise.

Our main services include:

◆Residential relocation service for expatriates and MNC’s

◆Commercial leasing services

◆Residential and commercial property management services

◆Real estate Investment consulting services

AIKE benefits from strong local market knowledge, large information network, and great flexibility with a deep understanding of our clients’ expectations. With those qualities, we position ourselves as a highly competitive real estate expertise and service provider.

Our Advantage:

★98% of high satisfaction level among our clients

★Our negotiated rentals are 10~20% lower than the market prices

★A data base of more than 100,800 properties in China.

We own one of the largest private landlord and developer database in China, allowing us to provide our clients with the best choice of properties.

With years of effort, AIKE has demonstrated its strong capability to meet our clients’ demand for high quality real estate services and cost efficient relocation solutions. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies such as: Mckinsey, Armani,Louis Vitton,Trane air conditioner, Citibank, General Electronic, Alcatel,French Embassy, Australia Embassy, Carrefourand more……..

We established in 2005, growth in 2008, we have larger development space, also expect from your join or support!

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