Housekeeping service---------MORE--

Make the hight quality life
Housekeeping service 
Home service
house cleaning→cooking→laundering &ironing

Daily life assistant 
Shopping and financing/ pet feeding

Basic computer service

Service contents:
The common-type: 
Handling of basic housework, which mainly includes:
1. Ordinary cleaning and maintenance work
2. Cooking of homely food
3. Ironing, washing and storing of clothes
4. Assistant nursing of infants
5. Purchase and shopping
6. Assistant tending of senior people
7. Cleaning and cooking work in companies

The characteristic-type:
The special tending service will meet the special life requirement of some households and embody their individuated requirement:
1. Professional nursing of infants
2. Professional tending of senior people and patients
3. Cooking of Chinese-style and Western-style food

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